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Ocean Spirit

BOOKING : Ocean Spirit


Our “Northern islands” are completely surrounded and powerfully influenced by the ocean and so it deserves its very own magazine. Ocean Spirit conjures up every aspect of the sea and the variety of the articles presented invites the reader to discover the mystery and diversity of the marine world.

Sailing and marine activity are, of course, the primary focus. Extraordinary sailboats, exciting ocean regattas, deep-sea fishing, tales of travel and portraits of old sea dogs are featured in the fabulous stories told. But there are many facets to ocean life.

And so you will be amazed and entertained by articles about the many water sports so popular in our waters, the exciting exploration of our shorelines, the discovery of the unspoiled beaches of Anguilla, the stunning photographs of deep-sea diving as well as the teeming wildlife of our mangroves and the rich ecosystems of the marine reserves in Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy.

Ocean Spirit, is an invitation to pure evasion. So, just cast off and sail away…

Bon voyage !

ocean spirit 2014

Ocean Spirit

BOOKING : Ocean Spirit

ZA 1 Bellevue - BP478
97150 Saint Martin
Tel : 0590 51 91 20

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Ocean Spirit


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