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Carnival 2015 April 16 - May 4

St Martin Music Festival.

Culture and Arts

St. Martin / Sint Maarten is home of many different nationalities.
It is home of writers, painters, Sculptors and musicians sharing their culture and bringing it all together.
The result is a colorful and enriching panoply of talent and creativity reflecting the local daily life on the island.
Events and Festivals all year round are surely proof of the ‘joie de vivre’ and the Caribbean lifestyle of its international inhabitants. Celebrations and get together every month. Sports, food, dance events, theater plays, you will be able to attend at least one and get into it with the local crowd.
Both sides of the island have a multitude of art expositions and galleries.
Impressionists, native painters, contemporary Caribbean artists proudly presenting their works, and some are inviting their public to visit while they are working on location.
Pictorial scenes showing local daily life in the islands, joyful creations with a multitude of colors open to all horizons.
St. Martin is home to the only Caribbean artist ever to have presented his works at the prestigious Art Hamptons exhibition in Bridgehampton, New York.

Visit the open air markets of Philipsburg and Marigot to admire the local crafts, such as beautiful painted bottles containing the home made rum punches, fantasy ‘bijoux’ creations made out of coco fibers, sea shells and seeds.

Unique collections of beautifully painted ceramics created by a local artist.

St. Martin / Sint Maartens Museums are worth a visit.
The St. Martin Museum is located in Marigot and shows mainly artifacts from several indigenous sites.
Sint Maartens Museum is located in Philipsburg and exhibits several Amerindian artifacts, together with items from the early settlers.

Dutch, French and West Indian cultures have come together on this one small island.
Several museums trace the history of the area from the island's original Indian inhabitants through the development of sugar cane plantations and rum production.
Carnaval, with its parades, costumes and dancing is celebrated as a pre-Lenten festival on the French side, culminating on Ash Wednesday each year.
On the Dutch side, Carnival is held after Easter, offering visitors a second opportunity to enjoy the usual island-style merrymaking. Numerous poets, playwrights and writers reside in St. Maarten / St. Martin, drawing upon the history and culture of this and other nearby islands for their inspiration.
Art galleries offer painting, sculpture and lithography by talented local artists and immigrés.
Much of their work reflects the natural beauty of the island and its people.
The schedule of annual events in Saint Martin.


Saint-Martin is the only island in the Caribbean to organize 2 carnivals! 
The first one on the French side is held in Feb or March before the Lent.
On the Dutch side, the festivities start mid-April and ends beginning of May.
Another occasion to wear your costumes and feathers and go jamming in the streets!
The Carnival
Preparations for Carnival take place throughout the year, including making the feathered and sequined costumes and writing the music to whose rhythm the island will vibrate during Carnival Week.
The streets are thronged with young and old alike.
Dancers, musicians and spectators are all bewitched.
Revellers follow the trucks carrying enormous sound systems which pound the city walls.
The parade tours the streets of Marigot until nightfall, when everyone meets at the Carnival Village and the evening continues with concerts and events.
Be sure not to miss it ...


The Caribbean island St. Martin is home to Sir Roland Richardson, the father of  for his mastery of multiple mediums and his Impressionistic landscape paintings of  a paradise and leaves the viewer with an impression of nature and colour.

Painting In Paradise - Sir Roland Richardson - St. Martin

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All the artistic disciplines of St. Martin