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St-Martin, an island with 37 beaches...
With over 70km of coastline, St. Martin is a magical island, embedded between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.
St. Martin features some of the world’s finest seascapes. From unspoiled, quiet shores to lively hubs of activity, every single one of St. Martin’s beaches is fantastically unique and reflects the rich diversity of the island itself.
St. Martin’s 37 beaches are such pearls that they rank among the finest in the Caribbean.
Whether you’re here for diving, surfing, wakeboarding, windsurfing or kitesurfing, or if relaxing and basking in the sun on the island’s warm golden sands is more your style, there is something for everyone in this haven of pleasure...

Sint Maarten/St. Martin




It is a very quiet beach, where you can stroll along the sea or take a sun bath on the hot sand. The beach is naturally beautiful, and is planning es
This lively beach has plenty to offer. Very long, many are carried at walking, or walks along the water altogether. During the day, the beach restaurants s
A few steps from the Golf of the same name, you can contemplate this magnificent beach sunsets. The beach is wide, bordered by trees which
This beach with calm water is described by the local beach for the best ...
This very popular beach, bordering the gastronomic village of Grand Case acknowledged
This beach with calm waters with some reefs make it a perfect place for snorkeling and other water sports. This beach is less frequented than Great Bay, but still offers bo
There are 3 bars and restaurants on the beach, which hosts many families. However Friar's Bay is famous for its full moon parties ... every full moon.
As its name suggests, this beach offers spectacular sunrise. The corals along the beach to invite snorkeling. We bathe and surf when the waves are "about right".
This shady beach with calm waters and is particularly suitable for families
The limestone cliffs of Cupecoy, struck by the Caribbean Sea will not leave you indifferent.


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